Tool guns missing hands, and some Hl2 weapons as well?

Hey guys, ever since GMOD Update 162 and 163, my toolgun is missing hands on my dedicated server.

We aren’t playing Sandbox, were playing a custom gamemode I made. The custom game mode derives sandbox.

I haven’t been able to find out how to fix this, I tried doing -verify_all on the SRCDS Hldsupdate tool, which didn’t fix it.

Any ideas?

If you overwrote PlayerLoadout/PlayerSpawn, you need to use the player_manager library like in the base gamemode.

I tried that too, I tried to make a new player class, and set every player to it in my GM:Playerspawn function on init.

On shared, I set up all the functions that base has for the custom player class I made.

The player still spawned without hands.

Bump. I have this same problem and am hoping I can fix it too.

Please, learn from the last two files here: