Tool History

When building certain contraptions in gmod, it annoyed me that I was switching a lot between the same set of tools, which takes a lot of time. The toolset depended on what I was making, but it always was a selection of only a few tools.

So as an attempt to speed up the proces of creating these contraptions, I made an addon which keeps track of the tools you use and lists them in a small history view. The list has a default of maximum the 10 last used tools, but this can be increased if necessary.

Here is a demonstration of the addon:

You can download it from the following url:
user and pass are both ‘anonsvn’.
Create a directory in your addons folder named ‘toolshistory’ and checkout using your favorite svn client.
Since tools are server specific, the history is cached on the server.

After you installed the addon, you can bind it to a key, for example: bind b load_history.

Please tell me if you have a question, request or suggestion, I’d like to see your comments.


  • Improved usuabiliy, selected tools that where already in the list are moved to the top to prevent regular used tools from disappearing at the bottom

The Mad Man

Very nice.

That is gonna be useful!

cl_quicktool 1

Isn’t cl_quicktool for setting pre-defined tools to a bar for quick and easy use? How is that related to having a history of what tools you’ve used generated to easily switch back to a tool you last used?

Great work, I love the idea

This is so useful for builders. this, gb radial and tool search combined is perpect for build something. hell yeah! THANKS!

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