TOOL:LeftClick isn't called (Only on client when multiplayer)

Hi everyone, i was working on a stool, and after finish all the functions and start with the most easy thing that’s the entitie creation i got an issue, the stool doesn’t shoot!

I don’t know why! but listen, if a open in multiplayer, it works, just on clientside…There’s no way to make it work on server and client? And in single player?

The unique functions that modify the tools are:


TOOL.Category = “Render”
TOOL.Name = “#ParticleSpawner
TOOL.Command = nil
TOOL.ConfigName = nil
TOOL.ClientConVar[ “model” ] = “models/editor/cone_helper.mdl”

TOOL.ClientConVar[ “particle” ] = “default”

if CLIENT then
language.Add( “”, “Particle Spawner” )
language.Add( “Tool.ParticleSpawner.desc”, “Spawn a particle emitter” )
language.Add( “Tool.ParticleSpawner.0”, “Click somewhere to spawn a emitter.” )


function TOOL:Holster( )

return true


function TOOL:LeftClick( trace )

return true



Also TOOL:BuildCPanel is workign quite right, so i don’t know what is happening