tool menu?

i played gmod for a day and the second day i played it my tool menu was half as big as the screen and it made the spawn menu icons so small that i almost can’t see them anymore and i can’t make the tool menu smaller or the spawn menu wider can anyone help me?

Screenshot of the problem?

What resolution is your monitor?

What addons do you have?

how to you add a picture

Take a screenshot in-game by pressing F5

It gets saved to C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/screenshots

Upload it to a file hosting website such as

Put the url in your post between [noparse][/noparse] tags.


I just saw the edit you made, but I’m not really seeing anything wrong with that screenshot. If you’re talking about the new spawn icons they came with a GMod update a few weeks back.

Garry changed the spawn menu.
Increase your resolution.

Not always possible

I would also like a fix for this. I can only play on 800 x 600 or smaller and the spawn list area is to squeezed. There is a large gap between the tool area and the spawnlist area, is it possible to remove the large gap?