Tool related text becomes invisible with Skybox

No screenies (though I could get them if needed), but there seems to be an invisible rectangle in which toolgun-related text disappears when it comes into contact with the skybox, and it looks really ugly.

Why is this?

I have this too, though it only happens on construct. Same thing happens with the spawnmenu.

DirectX level possibly? I ran GMod on DX7 and it was like how you’re describing.

i have that too, only worse. every single bit of text exept for “loading” is turned to retarded little rectangles or gone. it used to work, now suddenly it dosn’t maybe it has something to do with downloading a new background for the menu(wich i did just before it stopped working.

It’s an issue with Flatgrass, Garry needs to correct it.

Iv also been getting that blank box in construt. This started to happen after my graphics card had an update (Geforce 9600 gt) a week or 2 ago.

many people can post their problems, but WILL SOMEONE POST A FREAKIN FIX FOR IT!?!?

Not always in Construct or Flatgrass, either.

It’s your VGA, post VGA model(Graphics card Model)

It’s been happening to me to. My PC has a NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT.


I have an e-GeForce 8600 GT. Somewhere between $100 and $200.

This is the problem. So this thread at least has pics.


NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT. It’s the same problem lonegun121 shown.

edit it’s the 9600gt. Sorry

9800 gt!?


Sorry I made a mistake. It’s the 9600gt, Im still a bastard but not a lucky one.


But I still have a problem!