Tool Restrict

This Add-On allows you restrict what tools people can use on your server.
Now works with usergroups.
This is the current Beta Version 2.

tr_add_restriction <toolname> <group>

Add Users in:


  • Show Message when user tries to use a banned tool
  • User Interface

23 Dec 09 – Beta 2 Released.
22 Dec 09 – Testing the release now.
22 Dec 09 – Restriction By User Group is going smoothly, but I had to restructure.

Post any Bugs or Comments Below.

Add-On by Black Glacier Development Team

Neat, although not one of the features you described are in the addon. :frowning:

“Todo:” It’s a to do list.

So does it actually do anything other than blocking access to everyone?

Not Yet, but in the next release it will. It’s still useful.

up to now i like it but the user group is important for me because i have a RP server

I understand that, I will try to get the usergroups working soon.

But there already is an advanced tool restrict in FPP

This is a stand alone so people don’t have to worry about using ULX, or FPP.

I hope you get usergroups fastest possible fixed. I need some working tool restrict for my RP server with ULX :confused:

Right now I needed to use Assmod, which is more wholes then blocks. So I changed to Citrus, which is little messy, but at least good enogh for temporary :slight_smile:

Keep on!

ULX does have tool restricting.

ulx tooldeny
ulx toolallow
ulx tooldenyuser
ulx toolallowuser
ulx tooldenyoverride

Not everyone is using ULX.

Obviously I wasn’t talking to the person above me. I was misinformed.

No it doesn’t I got a Invaild command when I type that in console. You maybe using some sort of addon to ULX?

Nope. We use ULX 3.40 on my server and have been using it for a good while now. Only ULX modules we use are made by myself (with the exception of one), and I have never made a tool restriction system past making white users spawn with nothing and the ability to do nothing.

That is wierd, because it says unknown command for me. And I got the newest updated ULX too :confused:

The usergroups are active now. I tested it on a server it still has some kinks but it does restrict tools by usergroup.
If you have any bugs you’ve spotted let me know.

Not everyone use Tool Restrict yet.

But anyway good job!!

You changed it. :X

Of course I changed it, I got a few things done. lol

Also, to everyone else, it may be a bit before I update this, as I am working on a large project, which I am trying to get into a playable state.