Tool Restriction - Help ?

Hello all.

I have a question and a problem with my gmod server…
When I hold Q down and press “Utillity” and press “Admin settings” and then tool restrictions.
Then when I try to restrict the tool “dynamite” - The tool can still be spawned by all players… How can i fix this ?

Be sure to define the group that CAN use the dynamite tool, such as super admin or admin only.

Thank you for your help.

Do you know why the shotgun can’t blowing doors down ?

I don’t think that is the shotgun that can blow the doors down. Its the door not put correctly to do it.

But is there any commands to do that ?

Depending on your weapons mod, some shotguns DO blow down doors. Try Mad Cow’s Weapons.

new madcows doesn’t let doors respawn though