Tool restriction per usegroup(anyone knows one?)


I am searching for a tool restriction addon.
that restricts tool per usergroup.
Anyone knows one ?

With kind regards,

Ulx has one. Its called urestrict

I know i has installed that but i have no idea how to restrict a tool,
Do you ? i tried it with duplicator by just typing target as duplicator diddent work.


You should just get FPP(Falcos Prop Protection) in my opinion, its kind of confusing at first, but very powerful.

I have that but it does not support a custom group from ulx.
Thats why i need urestrict or something but i dont know how that works.

You need URS. Urestrict is broken.
It’s easy, just tell me:
Where to go
What to restrict
The privilages

AAH i mean i Use URS i really don’t know how to restrict a tool, i tried with duplicator it diddent work.
I use it for prop limits per groups that works its a awesome addon.
Its at this server
if you want to help add me on steam

Will do but not ATM. I’m a bit tied up with something.
I’ll add you, or you can add me (blackfire7667)

Oh they must have updated it because it was working fine for me a few weeks ago.

– Create a global table.
toolRestrict = { }

function toolRestrict:AddToolToGroup( strtool, strusergroup )
if ( !strtool or !strusergroup ) then return end

-- Register it.
self[ tostring(strtool) ] = tostring(strusergroup);


– Lol messy.
function GM:CanTool( player, tr, toolmode )
for k,v in pairs( toolRestrict ) do
if ( tostring(k) == toolmode ) then
if ( player:IsUserGroup( v ) ) then
return true;
return false;
return true;

toolRestrict:AddToolToGroup(“remover”, “SuperAdmin” );

really tired but you get the idea.

Dude no, that’s not what he’s looking for.

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But I cant deny that’s a good script

Its a good script, but i think URS is better if i know how it works with tool restriction lol.