[TOOL] Rust Console Manager

Rust Console Manager
Due to the fact that in rust the only way to currently manage quite a few options is through the console i decided to create a small java program that will automatically open the console and quickly type the command in (about 20ms per letter). The program has mainly admins commands at the moment due to the fact that these are more documented (and that the consoles text is mostly unreadable). However there are the two most used client commands in my opinion.

First you will need to start rust up and open the console. Then you should start the .jar file provided(make sure you have all the files inside the same folder that game in the zip file). You should then see a small window appear in the top left of your screen (this may be else where). You will see on screen instructions from there. Make sure that before you press f3 that you are typing in the console input box!
NOTE: When you want to close the program make sure that you use F4, Do not use any other means due to the fact that the program may/will stop working due to the fact that the jnative library used has some issues where it will no longer work unless every time it is closed that the interfaces are deregistered. Restarting you computer should fix this.


Home page when f2 is pressed

All current client options

All current admins options

Items spawn menu

Once you have extracted the zip you will need to edit the “option.list” file, make sure you put your ingame username so that you can use the “Me” utils. You then can edit the “server.list” file so that you can join any of the servers in this list (1 line per server) fast and without that pesky server browser. Before the ~ you need a nice name and then after the ~ you need the ip and port. Example: “Best Server Ever:1234~example.com”(you do not need the “”). When you go to the join menu you will see these listed.

Item list
Currently the item list is only partly complete (due to the fact that the wiki is not 100% correct and i am unable to test any new items because all servers are down…). If you wish to add an item that is missing you need to edit the “item.list” file. The format of the file is:
1 item per line
They are in the same order as the file is.
[Area in menu][Exact name]~[max stack size]
[Buildings>Wood>][Wood Barricade]~[255]
The > represent a sub area. A final line would be
Buildings>Wood>Wood Barricade~255
It would be of great help if you posted any item mappings you do so i can add them to the next release!

Features - Not admin

  • Turn grass on and off
  • Turn gui on and off
  • Join last played server
  • Join a list of servers
  • Reconnect to current server
    Features - Admin
  • Spawn cars
  • Spawn items (me, other and all)
  • Teleport (to me, to other, etc)
  • Airdrops (Spawn many at once aswell(See vac section)!)
  • Crafting (complete, cancel all crafting)
  • Save game
  • Server settings (hostname, timeout, truth, sleeper, pvp, crafting time and more)

If you do not trust a random forum post (which i would hope so) you can view the programs source code and even compile it your self
Source code
Version 1


  • Added basic features.
  • Added a few items

Commands in next version
-Please request-

Known bugs

  • Closing the program via anything apart from f4 breaks the program
  • Mistakes in the config files breaks the game
  • The program types too fast for some computers - config option?
  • Resizing breaks window

How it works
In java there is a class called Robot which allows you to do many cool stuff, and one of those is to fake keyboard input. I use this to fake the user typing f1 and then typing in the command. This is just like you using a macro in someways, the program does not change any game code.

Some user have said that you need to be careful with vac. As far as i known, vac does not check how fast you can type but how many commands you send at a time. Due to this i do not recommend using the option to spawn many airdrops in at a time until we get some feedback saying about vac rules. You will not get banned for editing the game otherwise, the only reason could be typing too fast (which i am pretty sure does not happen).
Use at own risk. We take no responsibility caused via the use of this software!

This document is Copyright © 2013 N3Network Studios and is the intellectual property of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this mod on any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

I know it might not be the same thing, but I got VAC banned a couple of years ago with Modern Warfare 2 for using an admin tool, so I’d be careful with anything that isn’t verified to be safe.

Otherwise a very nice effort.

Looks interesting, but does it inject into the process?

I would not expect this to cause any issue, as it uses the robot class of java which fakes a keyboard typing in the commands. The only time i could see this being an issue is with the airdrop.drop command if you use this alot to spawn many drops. Does vac check how fast you type commands into the console? I thought it only checks how many commands you send per minute or something?

I don’t know how VAC really works, I guess it depends on how your program interact with the game.
All I’m saying is, until we’re ABSOLUTELY sure, people should use this at their own risk. It would suck for people to get banned, even if the intentions was good.


Use at your own risk…

People could just write a macro to do the same thing. He just made it look really nice but I do agree that he should get the blessing of The Gary.

Garry commented on this when someone asked him about it, haven’t learnt much though https://twitter.com/garrynewman/status/417351124971048960

I asked him, and he only asked me if it was a cheat straight after he read the tweet. Then i saw him as reading this post, sadly he never commented after with a response.

I need confirmation that I won’t get banned for using this.

Weird that you live in the UK (like Garry) and your last name is Newman, ha.

Injecting fake keyboard presses is fine as long as you interface with windows and not Rust itself. As long as your program doesn’t touch the Rust process, you won’t get VAC’d.

Garry isn’t really in the position to say what draws a positive on external programs in VAC. He is depending that VAC will do it’s job but all the background things that VAC2 and VAC3 do such as checking hashes or hooking LoadLibrary or searching for VTables is handled by the Valve development team.

I think maybe you should post this question to the VAC forum on steam powered…

I’ve updated the list to an extent…
I didn’t put in items like Low Grade Fuel and such … but almost all other things are in there!
Found an error tho … it’s not call Large Storage Box no more, it’s changed to Large Wood Storage … I’ve changed it in the new item.list! Agiain thanks for this little program.

On the side note!!

I don’t see how one can be VAC banned for this … as it’s only simulating keyboard prints … it does not help you in any way ingame, except giving you the benefit of not having to remember and type all items yourself! It WILL be on VAC BAN in the second it changes something gamewise, or prevent something in game from happening ( Despawn animals/Zombies etc or suddenly makes u fly )
But as suggested, check with the VAC board regarding the safety of this! Alot of Admin Mods where like this in the early days, to help admins work faster … so … why not still???

I’ve repacked the whole thing in a new .rar file, on my skydrive. Use the link to get it! All tho … I forgot to ask OP if it was ok to do so … Tell me and I will remove it right away!

Best Regards

Sgt.Shadz, Server Owner/Admin of

RustySoul - PVP: net.connect
Rusty Family - PVE net.connect

Looks good but not worth VAC ban for an admin tool!

You know that the server.list can have many servers in, one per line. I will update the program tommoro or the day after. Please also read the license. But i am ok with reuploading as long as you tell me what you have changed.

As I was saying … I updated the item.list file, filling it with more items, like the Metal items for buildings … some resources and stuff… atm, I am uncertain if I made a big mistake of adding my server in there… if so … please delete if needed … OR … I can reupload with a clean server config.

how is it going with this program??? Have you updated the script?? And have u talked/checked with VAC Team regarding allowed to use or not?

Whoa, you made a script to send key presses… anyone could have done this… AutoIT or AutoHotkey would have been better choices.