[TOOL] rust.rCon Tool



  • Chat to players in the server
  • Multiple client connection support (up to 10 administrators at once)
  • Secured by server’s rCon password. (Set in your server.cfg)
  • Console output.
  • Slick, simple Metro theme, similar to Windows 8.
  • Secure connection.
  • Disconnects all users on server shutdown or crash.
  • Properly formatted log file.
  • Use of all available rCon commands. except: “rcon.login” -useless from rCon and “vehicle.spawn” -will not work if called. Requires a player location and the console gives a bit fat null one.

Future Features

  • [del]Have the server respond back with the requested information.[/del]Not possible as rust_server cannot be redirected to another output correctly.
  • Scheduled messages.

Q. Where can I download this?!
A. A link will be given out sometime in the near future. This is just a demonstration.

Q. Who is this available to?
A. For now, just HFBServers and its Rust server clients.

Q. How does this connect to the server even though a working query protocol was not provided?
A. We have written a custom rust_server wrapper that allows the interaction of the server from anywhere.

Q. Can I get this “wrapper”?
A. No.

Q. Where can I report an issue/bug with this tool?
A. You can do this here.


Co-creator, woot woot.

Very nice job you did there. Does RUST have it’s own API?

This is exactly what i need. But i’ve got a playrust.eu server.


Can’t use it then?

No, the client works in a very specific way and will only be able to communicate with the servers hosted at HFBservers.

This is just temporary until the developers add a working query port/API. Once this is done we will update the client so it is able to connect to any server, regardless which GSP/host it is on.

the Query port is one up from the set port isn’t it? if players connect to :28015 the query port should be :28016?

It just doesn’t appear to be working. We’ve tried querying and it doesn’t respond.

Where is the download link i missed it

Any updates on the progress of this? I’d love to be able to do some admin-ing while I’m at work… while I’m supposed to be admin-ing other things. xD

Where can I download this?!

.Net used in dedicated server tools? in 2013? for a cross-platform game? aww

We are hoping to release the client and wrapper soon. We need to iron a few things out first.

How can I take a business seriously, when the representative’s name is “Pwnoz0r?”

I hope the uLink software is fixed before yours is. As your software is useless if we cant even get into our servers.

My name is “Jonathan” I simply use “Pwnoz0r” as an alias on the internet.

That is one of the reasons why we are not releasing right now. The issue with it all the blank packets coming through interferes with the rCon tool causing it not to work.

Any idea when this will be released? I rented a server from HFBServers just for this.

There’s already a RCON tool out.
More advanced than this one.


As in real rcon using rcon protocol and not your rust client? can you link please