Tool VIP only

How would i make it so that a certant tool is VIP only?

like lets say i want the ignite tool to be VIP only?

how would i make that? btw im using ULX

also how would i make the toolgun VIP only too?

like when u first join the server you dont get a toolgun only vip people do.



Add checks for VIP, which I assume you’re using something like IsUserGroup(“VIP”)

Too lazy?

function UseTool( player, traceline, toolmode )
if( toolmode == “omgdonatortool” or
toolmode == “killeverythingtool” )then
return player:IsUserGroup(“donator”);
hook.Add( “CanTool”, “HerpDerpToolCheck”, UseTool )

Code taken from Freze, did not write this, even though I could.

Hey that’s me!

Also to make IsUserGroup(“donator”) work. You’ve gotta make it in users.txt