Toolcupboard Code

Here is my point ive recently started to play rust in a new group and they decided to give me the codes for all of the doors, Here is the point they have like a million doors inside their base, normally you would go through every floor to get all codes for all doors. But how about this.

The toolcupboard also has a Codelock if you press the code in you will unlock all doors in its permission area, that means if you wanna give someone all codes of youre base you just bring him to the cupboard. This would be a cool change.

If the Cupboard gets destroyed only building blocked will go away codes wont unlock.

It sounds good, but I think the big problem is, that if someone abuses the major codelock, ALL doors are unlocked and maybe private rooms or special lootrooms for real trustworthy ppl (i think maybe bigger clans will have that problem) will get robbed. The idea itself is nice (if you work with trustworthy ppl), its a bit annoying if a friend build good defences and i have to go to all the doors, just to unlock and lock them for faster traveling.

sorry for my bad english i am german, i hope u understood my point of view.

sincerly moikahl