Toolcupboard idea. RUST


The idea is simple. You should be able to hold e on the toolcupboard and make it the main of all the toolcupboards in the range. I’ve experienced this alot. You build first floor. Place your toolcupboard, and then place them in the sides and cover them up. Now your main is at the bottom. But you decide to build a second floor. Obviously you want to protect your main toolcupboard as much as possible, but wait. Your main toolcupboard is at the bottom. But if you destroy that. Then the second placed becomes the main. And that’s even unsafer.

Uhm you can’t place toolcupboards within the range of another cupboard unless you use a exploit.

I’m sorry I didn’t describe it good. This idea is for building purposes.
So this is not for raiding uses. I’m talking about your own building cupboards.

Even if it is your own base it should be impossible because cupboard work this way:

Are you on a modded server?

You do know the devs plan to remove them.

Devs plan to remove cupboards in general?!?!? Is there a FOX news rust outlet, or did you put shrooms in your butt?

Cupboard priority is very relevant, even on vanilla. The ideal situation is to have the highest priority cupboard in the safest place (usually top-floor), and have cupboards with successive lower priorities going down, and then lowest priority in shacks on the outside - so that if raiders get an outside cupboard, the inner cupboards still offer protection.

The problem is that changing priorities requires demolishing all cupboards and starting again which is annoying if they’re sealed in or hidden away. This is where OP’s solution comes in.

To stop raiders changing priority cupboard priority using OP’s offered solution, one could block priority changes when the changer is not authorised on at least one overlapping cupboard area.

But likely this won’t happen as cupboards will be removed by FP eventually once a better solution is a found.

“We hate the cupboard. We’re trying to phase it out over time, to make it less powerful and less required.”

Oh thanks for clarifying, i just skimmed through that one

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That still means nothing. Every tool cupboard related update has made your main tool cupboard even more important. Removing ladders and then removing the ability to put cupboards next to each other make finding their main cupboard vital during a raid.

unfortunately true. the more they do to make the cupboard an integral part of base defence, the less likely it will ever be possible to remove the damn thing.

i still think a better option is to A) get over the fact that another player can build at the same speed as you, and put random shit in your house if you can’t protect it, or B) go back to hammer sim/delayed self building for every block so anyone trying to greif with random blocks needs to take some real time to do it.

Honestly? I fucking loved the ladders. Yeah we had some funky base designs because of it but it meant we didn’t need to find the tool cupboard to raid. While ladders were useable in blocked zones, cupboards were purely an anti-griefing measure as intended but Garry folded to the reddit crowd. One step forward, two steps backward.

The complaints about ladder protection making your base ugly could all be mitigated with cool building placeables. [Imagine putting huge Mad Max-esque metal spikes on the side of your base… awesome right?] The other problem with ladders was climbing straight over a stone external. No longer a problem now that they added the spikey shit to the top of it.

Maybe there should be decoy cupboards. It looks just like one but doesn’t do anything. You can put them all over the place.