Toolgun again....

Look same problem as b4, no more toolgun, just fists that only shoot sparks and skulls… i do in fact get a lua error, no matter what tool i click.
This erm error, appears in blue(if it matters) and also says that 93 attempted to call upon a nil value…
I’ve recently been studying lua, trying to at least figure out the ropes of it, work out some bugs in my game…, but i can no longer play game types like spacebuild because i can no longer weld, i will do anything to get my toolgun back, even if it means destroying all of my files… someone please tell me how, if possible, root this thing out… i mean tracing it back to a single addon will be almost immpossible unless i get some help, even then i dont see much hope for my gmod, back to the drawing board for me then… the toolgunless drawing board…SUPER SAD MAD ANGRY FACE!!!

Honestly, you probably downloaded some glitchy LUA weapon, messing up your game. Clean your gmod.

Have you tried suicide? (INGAME) :smiley:

Yes repeadtedly… until the point of downloading realistic fall damage in order to do so easier lol