Toolgun error on my server

I made a DarkRP server today, and things are working out decently.
I pulled out my tool gun, then I get this error

[ERROR] gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/stool.lua:106: attempt to index a nil value

  1. GetWeapon - gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/stool.lua:106
  2. GetStage - gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/object.lua:27
    3. GetHelpText - gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/object.lua:195
    4. unknown - gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/cl_init.lua:106

This does not happen on any other server, anyone know how to help?