Toolgun lua error

hey facepunch im making a boat today and when ever i use my toolgun i get this error

weapons\gmod_tool\stool.lua:92: attempt to index a nil value

Any fix

also i tryed reinstallnig gmod (but keeping all addons) and it didnt fix it


NOOO! it seems to only be on that save

ill try duping it and reply in 5 :angel:


No! i cant adv dupe it

and when i use the normal dupe i get this

includes/modules/duplicator.lua:505: Infinite Loop Detected!

im also getting this when starting the map

includes/extensions/table.lua:33: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got number)

it’s one of the addons then, I think
also, try updating your addons

Ok, I’ll try