Toolgun lua erroring me... in only one save.

So, I just spent 3 hours working on a vehicle for a server I go to, save and quit, come back, and lo-and-be-fucking-hold my toolgun refuses to work. The weirdest part is it works fine if I load another save or start a fresh one. I really want to keep working on it, can anyone help?

Savegames have always been fucked up, and Garry won’t fix them. I think partly because he has more important things to work on, and partly because Advanced Duplicator exists.
Adv Duplicator is included in Wiremod. Get Wiremod using SVN:

Guess what? I can’t fucking adv dupe. NO tool works. At all. No matter what tool I select, whenever I bring out the toolgun, lua errors out the wazoo. That was the first thing I tried.

-.- You’re supposed to use adv duplicator INSTEAD of save games. Don’t use save games at all.
Whatever you had in that save game is gone.

I generally save, then dupe, but I forgot to that time.


Also, no need to be so fucking holier-than-thou, dude.

I know there’s a certain part of code in the saves that contains the prop locations and which models they are, so hopefully I can figure that out and fuck with a previous save. v0v

If you forgot to dupe, its done for. Duping is the only sure way to save your contraptions