Toolgun not working in DarkRP: 2.4.1

Hi !

My toolgun in DarkRP: 2.4.1 don’t work… I click on props and nothing …
Any tools and wire tools are fonctionnal …

Please help me !

(Sorry bad english i’m french )

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two things
try to re download it.
where did you get the gamemode from? If it is not from SVN I suggest you get it from there Not

  1. Delete DarkRP
  2. Install TTT
  3. ?
  4. Profit

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Yes, it’s SVN dark rp !

Install TTT ???

Don’t listen to johndorian, he’s just a troll.

Anyway, from a person that actually cares, do you have any extra addons installed?

And also, Only 9PM. Hoping 2011 will be better than this crappy year. Although, I learned how to gLua code this year, even though I’m not that good still, I learned.

Yes Happy new year ! :smiley:

Yes i’ve installed extra addons : D-FENS (fo DDOS attacks …)

My friend was having this problem on his DarkRP server, and My build server got chat related problems (not even “say ADsDA” would work). I reinstalled the server and now it works fine. Most likely addons (although im using the same addons o was using before)