Toolgun problem

Recently, my toolgun has started acting up. I can’t do half the things I could to with it.
I can’t spawn cameras, use adv dupe, paint to name a few.

Does anybody else have this problem? If so, is there a fix for it? I want my camera working again. :<

this usually works for bad tools

delete your data folder, be sure to copy your adv dupes out of it!

if that wont work

try deleting your lua and cfg folder also

Deleting the data folder won’t fix shit, as nothing of the tools are stored there.

I’d guess you have either too many addons, or specifically one of your addons is messing with your game.

Alright. I’ve deleted my garrysmod file and and started a new one completely.
The problem is still there. Maybe it’s the update?

Did you delete the GCF, or the folder itself?

I have same problem, i heard that new update it’s the problem.

Can someone help us?


I hope that Garry can fix this. Well, i know he can. :banjo:

Same problem here. And im not trying to delete anything to fix it, my stuff is too valuable. I hope its the update.

I have the same problem too! Who knew?