Toolgun Problems

I don’t know why but my toolgun doesn’t work AT ALL none of the tools no wire no anything with the toolgun PLZ HELP MEH .___.

What about it doesn’t work?

everything the tool gun doesn’t shoot it only says something is creating script errors is that lua :suicide: I DON’T KNOOOOOOOWW

Reinstall GMod completely. Make sure Steam Cloud sync is disabled and that you delete the garrysmod folder in steamapps/common.

has it happened to u :words:

Instead of taking roundabout methods, you might as well take code_gs’ suggestion. You could try unsubbing and deleting all your addons to too if they’re screwing with something, but code_gs’ method would be the safest bet to fix this.

The fact that default files are erroring points to either old, corrupted, or altered files.