Toolguns are buggy

As the topic says, I have no clue how to fix these bugs and I have no intentions of networking it.

When I am on singleplayer mode - the toolgun seems to ignore clientside LeftClick and RightClick and only do it serverside at all times.
When I am on multiplayer mode - the toolgun seems to do LeftClick and RightClick twice, as seen below:

Robotboy fix plz.

and no, it’s no other addon doing it:
1: Line 32"Trace"lua/includes/extensions/debug.lua
2: Line 22"LeftClick"addons/areas/lua/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/ph_area.lua
3: Line 254"nil"gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/shared.lua

It’s called prediction

In that case, though, why do we need predicted toolgun calls?

In multiplayer, the client decides whether the toolgun has fired or not ( Whether to display the effects ).

And then again, this is Garry’s Mod, we give you the tools and you do whatever with it. ( We give you prediction and use either use it or not. )

Take a read through
If you are playing single player and need it to be called client side, do this in your weapon:
[lua]if ( game.SinglePlayer() ) then self:CallOnClient( “PrimaryAttack” ) end[/lua]
If you need it to only call once in multiplayer, use IsFirstTimePredicted()