Toolguns broken

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the undescrptive titles, but I didn’t now how to put it breifly :P.

Anyway, i started palying gmod the other day (i hadn’t played it for quite some time before this).
And when i went to use a toolgun the gui was invisble (the bit that describes the tool, and how to use it) and when i freeze stuff the small ring that appears is no longer there, before i stopped playing gmod i installed 3 addons, but i doubt they are the ones causing this…

Thanks in advance.

The awesome God, JeBuZ

Remove your addons from the addons folder and see if it works. If it does, put one addon in and see if it causes the problem. If it doesn’t, remove that addon and place a different one in, and etc.

okay, its fixed… sorta.

i was building a galleon (with soem cool stuff on aswell) i was building the escape boats when it exited form singlepalyer with soemthing like:

host_error ::(something):: models/hunter/model/ 1x1.vmf

and then that it overflowed or something i did copypasta it but apparently it didnt work? did i just get a RSO, on singleplayer?

I believe this is PHX… (the hunter directory reminded me as i just did an svn)

What the fuck? /facepalm

This problem was solved (mostly) months ago, and you post this now? Why couldn’t you have left this dead?