Tools don't work after a certain amount of time

Ok, whenever I save my gmod games a few times (about 3) and have been playing the same one for a few hours (when I’m building a house) all of my tools stop working, and this error comes up, and starts “spamming” my consoul

weapons\gmod_tool\shared.lua:150: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)

I’ve been using easy weld a lot in this one (well, all of the times I’ve tried to make my house) but the REALLY weird thing is if I nuke my unfinished house (lol) THE TOOLS START WORKING AGAIN! Does anybody know why this is happening?

Your reply will be greatly appreciated

Does anybody know how to fix this?

Don’t use save games. They have always been broken, and garry isn’t fixing them. Instead, use Adv Duplicator.
Adv Duplicator is included in Wiremod. Use Tortoise SVN to download it. SVN Tutorial:

Well, that sucks. He should fix 'em, but no use taunting him about it

Yeah, I use adv duplicator sometimes. Then I’ll have to connect all of my things on my “house” when i make it, so I don’t have to place them every time.

Now I have an adv. duplicator problem (did b4 too) Whenever I duplicate something with thrusters, they all off when I paste them. Does anybody know why?

Thruster duping is currently broken.

Do you know when it’ll be fixed?