Tools will not work in saved games.

Whenever I try to load a saved game, none of my tools work, they all just give me lua errors. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I know I can run the game, I don’t think my hardware is the problem, but if someone thinks it is, I’ll post my specs.

No, it is not your hardware. Garry said that save games are buggy and glitchy as hell these days, so you’ll have to save contraptions in alternate ways, like AdvDuping them


Tools doesn’t work either. Are your saves from before the new GMod update?

Depends, did Garry make the update last night? I made the save yesterday because I wanted to save it before I parented everything, then I was still fixing all the settings for what I was building, and I didn’t get a chance to save it before Gmod crashed.

Saved Games have been broken before the update.