Toon Twister 3D Models

I am working on a GMod machinima with Spongebob characters, but the only one I found was terrible. So is it possible to make Toon Twister 3D Models? I would but

  1. I cannot model


  1. The TT3D model format is “w3d” which is Shockwave or something and I don’t know any tools that can take w3d models and turn them into SMDs.

Shockwave is terrible

And should never be mentioned along with the word “port” a side of it

Better off to model from scratch.

Well I’m just wondering, is it possible to take them and turn them into SMDs?

Who the fuck wants low quality shockwave for Source?

Better off by scratch

I think the TT3D models are pretty good for Shockwave. But that’s just me. Just tell me, is there a way to do it?