Tooth-grinding Hammer Bugs

Hi Everyone,

After not mapping for a year, and forgetting why I quit, I come back to finish my last map only to find several frustrating bugs:

  • Sometimes Tools>Flip Objects> Flip Horizontal/Vertical will be disabled (greyed-out) when I have an object selected, and it won’t become enabled again except at the most random times. Why can’t I filp? It was working just a second ago.
    Workaround: Ctrl+M, and scale using (-1,1,1), (1,-1,1) or (1,1,-1) to flip.

  • Some textures that are supposedly aligned to the face will shift when I move the brush. Other textures have both “world” and “face” alignments checked, and I can’t disable either. I need to copy this object over an entire row, and I need the textures to not shift. How do I get the textures to just align to a face, and fucking stay there?
    EDIT: I disabled Tools> Texture Lock by accident.

Help. Also, post your annoying hammer bugs.

I BSOD if I close hammer with a project on it.

Or just Ctrl+M rotate 180 on Z.

That’s not the same thing…

I get a critical error when I try to restore the Hammer window after I’ve minimized it. It really is quite annoying.

That’s rotating 1/2 turn- I’m talking about flipping, a.k.a mirroring, on the selected axis.

My Hammer closes down when I compile a map to test it, then continue in Hammer, go to an object, click on it, open the properties and go to the ‘Flags’ tab. No error, no BSOD, it just closes, and I need to restart it up, then it works as long as I don’t compile.

Every now and again when I click the “flags” tab in the object properties window, the process will just terminate. :confused:

Screwed up grid text.

For some reason, every brush I make is one unit off the grid on the bottom of the brush. One tiny unit and it pisses me off because it’s hard to see and causes leaks everywhere, and it’s a pain in the ass to fix.

When grouping stops working.
I know it’s some kind of hot keys I press, but I always forget what it was.


and how to fix it, so I just restart.

My hammer always work like a charm so you guys must be really unlucky.
And I have a habit of mashing ctrl+S after each and every thing I do, so if hammer crashes I only lose… Well, nothing :v:

It’s the button at the top that says “IG” which is “Ignore Groups”.

The only bug that annoys me is occasionally when I’m scanning down the model browser it’ll crash the whole of hammer without any warning. I mash ctrl+s all the time (compulsive saving disorder, csd) so I don’t lose anything but it’s just a bitch to wait for it to load all the models back into the browser when you’ve got over 14,000 currently installed.


I’ll take a box rating for that waste of a post.

Yeah thanks, I’ll probably forget it tomorrow anyway.