"Toothless" From: How To Train Your Dragon.

Hey guys, i’d like to request Toothless, from H.T.T.Y.D.

I think you know what he looks like. I can’t post pictures because my PC is shitting up, well look at my avatar, or search for him.

Thanks in advance,

requets like this are easyer when the models are ripped from games
looks unlikely

Oh ok.

You just want to make sexposes so you can gain rep in the furry forum.

Im on to you!

Wait,what? No,no just 'cause I’m furry dosent mean I want to make Scalie poses.


Nd how do you know I go to furry?

Heh. Would be nice to have this as an SNPC, or even a (dare I mention) rideable Toothless.

Excellent movie, by the way. Dreamworks is growing up.

Words can’t even describe how fucking stupid that made you sound