Top 10 Addons (Vote Here)

I made a poll woth the 20 most discussed addons in the other top 10 addons thread.

Remember, you can only vote once but you can select multiple addons.

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Is it not obvious that the most used/popular addons are wire and phx3?

Why did you need two threads?

Eh, i just decided to throw them in anyway. Also it would be interesting how the average user thinks about Phx and Wire when compared to other addons.
Right now, Phx == Wire == Gibsplat
See what i mean?
No wait, now Phx > Wire

I forgot i was in the ideas and suggestions category.


This is the only way one addon can be deemed better than another, and we can finally see what the true top 10 addosn are.


Edit: LOL Advanced duplicator is better than wire and phx…? Someone hates wite & phx.

You realize Adv Dupe comes with Wiremod right?

I think it’s taking them as separate entities, as they can be…

Correct, because some people use adv dupe but think wiremod has ruined it [Gmod] and thus do not use wiremod.