Top 10 Reasons To Not Play On Custom Servers

Delete this.

Butthurt admin. :v:

I fucking hate admins like this. A website should be made where u can report admins abusing their power, and then their server get flooded by trolls or hackers.

This is a splendid idea. Too many dont-give-an-eff admins who either ban someone who killed them, wipes the server when they see people getting a little bit ahead, or didn’t have enough wit to take care of their server.

Joining servers with admins like these is a waste of time.

Why can’t admins just be chill like me XD

They are not all like that, don’t agree with all of your top 10, but that admin is HORRIBLE. No KOS but PVP is enabled? Make up your fucking mind chickenman.

Couldn’t agree more. My friend and I started our own server based on this, and that we got tired of being murdered within 10min of playing on the main servers. We have a small but growing community of people on our server…between 11-18 average. We have hit as high as 27. If you want to check it out, hit me up --The admins don’t play the game on the server, we have only had to ban 3 people due to one spamming a porn site in the chat, the other two were calling everyone some serious racist names in the chat, and when asked to tone it down they wouldn’t. The only thing I can promise you, is what you experienced won’t happen on our server. Best of luck to you.

Post some good servers you think are worth it and I’ll be sure to notify others too!

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Not to mention his emphasis on “gearing up” when he was naked as he had just spawned, meaning he was spawning in shit for himself.

wow… how did he even get people to play on his server?
come join my server :slight_smile: I will give you wood and beans and you can kill everyone with no exeption.

there are mods for safe, no pvp zones. no pvp time mod. rules pop up mesage mods. admins just have to install those mods, to avoid such missunderstandings. and then server named PVP with no pvp… admin is just a little silly kid…
just go find a new server.

It really does suck to come across admins that have no sense of human decency. People spend their free time to play on your server and they just drive people away by abusing their powers. I just started a server and I want to pride myself on using admin powers for good. Dying is part of the game and if you loose your shit then tough luck, start over like a man and don’t be a douche admin.

People who pay server rents with money from their parents should not be admins. Or alive.

I admin and put bountys on myself and charge after groups just because its fun and I usually die but who cares

the purpose of this thread is

i am the administrator of this server i cannot argue with the contents of the chat log i will however say that the stuff at the top of the post is all false and i ask you to please join this server to see for your self and have some fun

the server i play on is vanilla with only backpack locks turned off. no mods no rusty oxidising magma
population at low peak is 40, mid is 80, peak hours its 100+ everyday, no matter how long ago the wipe was. only rule is no hacking or exploiting which the admins enforce. and thats all the admins do.
i wont give the ip or name because you guys post so many threads everyday about dont play this server i dont want you to ruin it.
if u get butthurt about admins banning you, play a official server. or spend the time looking for a good one. like im really going to remember the server name you posted up there while there are thousands of servers in the list…

honestly I would not be opposed to paying a subscription fee to play Rust if it meant that there are only official servers, and they are all monitored 24/7 by admins that are PAID EMPLOYEES to be admins (non-players)

kind of like GM’s in MMO’s

I love this game so much, and the only thing ruining it for me is the fact that servers are either

  1. no active admins to ban hackers

  2. admin abuse

and if you manage to avoid both of the above, then you’re playing on an ultra popular fast paced fresh wiped server that will get DDOS’d because all the big streamers are playing there as well, and their servers always get DDOS’d

not all admins are badmins. I do my best to harbor a good community and i’m very much against abuse. I left 2 servers because of admin abuse. If I become what I hate, I’ll just shut down my server.

The admins on this server are some of the best I have come across. These guys are very helpful, respond almost immediately, and take hours upon hours out of their day to make sure the server is free of hackers, running smoothly, free of whining and full of fun. These guys are busting their asses to make sure hackers, exploiters, and just plain toxic players are dealt with, even if it’s a simple talking to. Before you all jump on the “fuck admins” bandwagon, learn the full story. There was a reason this gentlemen was banned, and I’m under the impression he was later un-banned. These admins do a damn fine job and I wont let this slander spread. Come play on the server and ask for help, I guarantee you will be helped and satisfied.

And to clarify, I am not one of the admins “close friends” I joined a random server and had a wonderful experience. To be honest, I was thought to be a hacker, didn’t get banned (because I was legit) and have been great since. Play with respect and you will be given respect.

Thanks for reading my rant.

In the server I play on,we have 2 admins who DO NOT play on their server.They play on different servers and they generally try to help people.Since the server’s opening(27th of February) me and my 8 people group haven’t seen any hackers around.Yesterday somebody tried to glitch between walls to loot stuff from crates and got reported.In 5 minutes he was banned for a day and all items restored.
Admins need to be as just as well as active and helpfull and these guys are.In the server there are mostly greek people and the admins are greek but no discrimination whatsoever.Yesterday we raided a guys base for KOS’ing newbies.
We have instacraft,tp,and sleepers on.
I would highly reccomend the server to anyone.
Just see


Do not get me wrong but you can’t just judge all the custom servers because of this one.I know,it makes you mad because you get banned without valid reasons.Admin on that server got serious problems i got that but that does not mean all admins are bad and abusing.On most server admins are there to moderate server,fixing the issues,helping the people and of course catching cheaters.

Also on official servers, several “hackers” flying around and torturing people (you can see the posts on forum again) which shows lack of management(admins) in my opinion.So both place has it’s advantages and disadvantages.So my advice is,change your server you can find tons of server listed at this forum.