Top 5 Best Zombie Killing Weapons

Hello. I assume you are here to look at some zombie killing weapons eh?

Well I searched, and I got em’. (These are mainly the realistic ones)

Okay, so this is how things are going to be set up.

(1-5) Name





Lets go.


This is a good ZKW (zombie killing weapon) as an automatic. It has good sounds, and a good model.

4. “Sig Saur” (realistic weapons pack)

Its a GREAT pistol for ZKM. (BTW ZKM isn’t a gamemode, its simply zombie killing :P)

3. Gib Chainsaw SWEP

It brings madness to killing zombies, and is also probably your first pick to kill zombies in real life. Greatsounds, model and animations.

2. Andaconda

A not-to-powerful-worn-down revolver like weapon. Something that is mighty realistic for ZKM. Great model and animation, sounds from Deagle though.

And for the best ZKM swep, we have the Winchester.

It is strong, yet matches the zombie style, great model and animations+sound. The only bad thing is the model position when you view it OOC.

So there you have it. The best ZKM’s out there.

Thanks, and reply if you have any other weapon suggestions for (maybe a top 10) this thread. Also, tell me if you think what I’m telling you is accurate, I think it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I hate to double post, bump.

I never spam zombies and just download weapons kill them, but if i play gamemodes alone or special maps i’d do it.

But i use this sometimes… :smiley:

Interesting thread. Normally, I wouldn’t like threads like this, but somehow, I do.
Kills some zombies

Post moar good weapons.

God danm those weapons are fine.
I had the wincester before, but the other ones are ace.

What’s your HUD?

Best weapon for Zombies?
Well it isn’t the most effective…but definately the most fun :slight_smile:

I’ve found this pack to do quite well for zombie survival missions (no gamemod, just self organised with zombie spawn points).

Assault Rifle: AK47 (Not automatic, semiauto but with a high rate of fire)
Carbine: M1 Carbine
Bolt Action Rifle: Mauser K98
Scoped Rifle: Springfield
SideArm: .357 magnum revolver

They don’t require CSS, except the scoped rifle (zoomed shows pink n black squares), and the world models are still in development. Other than that, they’re great!

Its a 3-D HUD I found on I don’t know where it is. If I happen to come across it, Ill let you know.


Will do!



hmmm, A Magnum

“Tiny” Slug Rifle
Boom Stick
Ricochet Magnum
Reaper UMP
Inferno Aug

Found it searching HUD on if you haven’t already found it :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for doing that for me! It really is a good HUD, the only downside, when your using some console commands to get rid of your hud it stays. :confused:

I don’t see moar wepons.


Chainsaws are a rather horrible choice to kill zombies in real life.

It’s loud,
It’s power is finite,
It’s generally inneffective.

(1 is most useful)
5: Just about any rifle-type weapon
4: Karabiner (almost my favorite Garrys Mod weapon :3)
3: .365
2: Crowbar (both ingame and IRL)
1: Crossbow. They say it isn’t a crowdstopper. They haven’t met me.

But, chainsaws are the most fun. What other weapon gives you the satisfaction of slicing through a zombie, or person, short of an axe. As long as you have 2 stroke oil and gasoline, the chainsaw will keep working.

I thought that hud was broken in an update? Runs to install it

Here’s my choices of weaponry in a zombie apocalypse.

A sniper rifle (though I’ll take something with a very long range if I have to use an addon scope)
An SMG or assault rifle (both if I can get it, AR preferred)
A pistol
And some sort of powerful melee weapon (you can always run out of ammo. I’d prefer a Spanish longsword, but that’s just me)