Top 5 Roleplay Servers Ever...

I would like to discuss the top 5 roleplay servers ever! In my opinion there is a fair few decent and serious roleplay servers around and I feel that we should commend them for their achievements.

So my top five are as follows:*

Garrys Mod 9 - Melonbrew Server! : It was under control and always up to date. Rarely it would have the odd crash but police would be able to detain a criminal straight away with door busters and radio bugs

TacoNBanana : It is still serious however the over rated and extensive downloads are annoying.

Raxx Dark RP Server : Yes dark rp can be serious and raxx and his team of admins have ensured the strict enforcements were kept at a maximum level (MY FAVOURITE).

HL2Land RP : Very stable and admins are on top of their game. They do not abuse and have realistic features including voice commands.

** TacoNBanana Terminator RP** : I never saw this coming but it is such a great server. You have to keep calm during the quiet and discussive times but once you have the machines coming for you… thats it, you gotta run.

COMMENTS! :smiley:

PERP. It’s officially released now.

TacoNBanana’s Terminator RP is really fun, but not so much if you don’t like passive RP, because most of the time, nothing’s going on except people hangin’ out in a bunker.

I’ve never played passive RP so i wouldn’t know :), but terminator RP is a good crack :slight_smile:

Well, passive RP is any Rp that you do when nothing is going on, such as talking with another character, or doing IC things like cooking food.

…I’m pretty sure.

I just re-read it and now it makes sence hahaha. Nice one :slight_smile:

best role-play server i went on wasnt even a on garrysmod, it was on hl2:dm.
until it got ruined at the rise of the minge bags.

Best server is PERP. Even though it is laggy at times, its a brilliantly made gamemode.


the last time i was on an hl2land RP server i was arrested by a cop because my job name was ‘theif’

That is called Metagaming. A server cant be serious if there is metagaming

I’m feelin the love in this thread.