Top Gear in Garry's mod; Episode negative 1: I need some actors.

First, if videos is for completed videos only please move this and tell everyone that I’m an idiot.

Second, know how there’s a shit load of cars and car like motor driven cars in Gmod these days?

Well that. They’ve done Myth Busters for Gmod so Top Gear should be as fitting.

I’ll be the producer and director and a thousand different miscellaneous bits so I’ll need three English man children, and a camera man.

We’ll do some Top Gear style reviews of player made cars and some entity based cars, then for the first test I thought we could see who can build the most customizable contraption car vs SCars.

Also, after all the bits on the field are done we’ll go to some in-studio shots that might need some custom animations. And I just realized that.

This doesnt sound that bad… Is there any way i can help without being a voice actor?

You could be a cameraman or an editor.

This could either be absolutely brilliant or a colossal failure, you are taking on quite a weight of expectation by trying to emulate Top Gear. I actually considered doing something very similar to what you have planned but I decided that it would just feel like a bad spoof. You just can’t replace the real cast, they are too unique.

To be honest you would probably be better off trying to make your own style of car review programme, don’t try to explicitly copy the Top Gear formula because nobody can do it like Clarkson, May and Hammond. Another thing is the filming and the car action itself, quite often in Gmod machinimas the car sequences are very stale and boring so I hope you are going to try and make it look good.

IF you are the producer and director in a machinima, then there is no way you get around being the cameraman in this.

If it’s your film, you film it, you edit it. Extras are extras.

I don’t think it would be hard finding three man children, seeing as the internet is populated entirely by them.

Are you looking for people who can do impressions of Jezza, Hampster and Captain Slow? Or is this a new original trio??

Let’s try and emulate the American version just for shits and giggles.

Or we could do a new trio.