Top Rust| Sleepers:ON| Airdrop+10| Groups| PvP| Wipe:28.06

New Server since 28/06/14

Server will start at 12:00 +1GMT

Active Fun and Fair Admins
Airdrop + 10 Players
Friendly and Welcoming to new players and old ( This is Rust so anything can happen )

Server Plugins:

  • Oxide
  • Cheatpunch ( Kick / Ban’s the baddies off the server and others with Cheatpunch )
  • Airdrop Frequency Controller (10+ players)
  • DeathHandler ( Shows who kills who )
    -arrow recovery
  • Door Sharing ( share doors with friends /share Name )
  • Remover ( /remove to Activate and De-Activate )
    -FPS Booster: Easily boost your fps (/fps) and turn off grass (/grass) with commands!

Rules: 1. No cheating of any kind
2. No using glitches/exploits in PvP (door holding/pillarcading is allowed)
3. No glitching into ANYTHING or modifying game files. NO rock bases allowed, period.
4. No stealing other peoples names to confuse players
5. Base griefs will be removed by admins once the person has left your base
6. No new Steam accounts unless you are a new player
7. No spamming chat, racism, IRL threats, advertising or DDoS threats ** If you are accused of cheating you may be asked to stream
8. No large bases near radiation/loot areas

should probaly add ur ip to server

hi all we need is ur Ip :rock: