Top Server Host (Excellent Ping)?

What is some of the BEST possible server host for low Ping and no lag DarkRP? I have finally collected all of addons and configured the basics for DarkRP. I need a server that will be on the top listings for ping consistently. I have seen some with as low as like 5 so there has to be good ones out there now :slight_smile:

Ping in most cases is different for each player because of his location.

[sp]You better not to run server at all…[/sp]

I higly recommend you to learn what ping and lag means before you ever consider opening a server for whatever…Don’t even think about running a server in this state…Please

What I mean is for me to have a regular server not bloated with addons and not get disconnections for 20 people with 15-20 prop bases lol. As for the ping does anyone know the best location to open a server in then? Also still awaiting any recommendations on server providers. I used to use NFO which is definitely not a top for great performance.

There is no such goddamn thing as “best location” when talking about ping because it’s gonna be different depending on where in the world each player is located. Basically the lowest ping will be for the people that connect from the same region as the one where the server is located.

There is a best location considering there will be a majority of players in a certain region rather than the other. So consider just answering a simple question of what server host rather than continuing the insult train.

For EU server, I’d recommened Crident, and for US/Canada I’d recommened GMCHosting, they’re both great hosts.

The question is, which continent are you supplying entertainment to. Once you’ve picked that, pick a city that has hosting somewhere reasonable in that continent and you’re good.

Ping isn’t something you should consider when choosing where to open a server, about from that mentioned above, as it is a measure of a single player’s connection to the server. As there are many other variables in play as to what makes a low ping, it’s best to ignore it, even when it comes to rules of thumb.

Out of curiosity, which gamemode will you be hosting?

Just put “NO LAG” in your server’s title and you’re good to go.

Eh? He said in OP that it’s DarkRP (duh, as if anybody expected anything else really).

If you’re new to hosting then you’re probably best going with

I’ve used them for about 11 years straight. They have 24/7 support, free webhosting included with each game server, great prices, auto-websync (important for fast DLs), fantastic infrastructure, etc.

Can’t go wrong with NFO.

Their ddos protection really hasn’t kept up with the times. I can’t count how many times I and many others I know were hit hard enough their whole location felt it.

I feel as if NFO themselves are behind the times, not to mention the ludicrous cost to rent a server. I remember renting one last year - the control panel is ghastly. Straight outta '98.

I gotta go with SerenityServers, top quality, can host a 16 slot sandbox server for less than $10 a month.

Con: control panel could be better

have a look at Nitrous Networks

This isn’t even a debate, GMC all the way baby!

GMC sucks, i’m using it and you can’t believe all troubles i had to deal with it, from setup to sql connections, i don’t think i would recommend it, but i won’t not recommend it as it just works well