Top Server Hosting

I am looking to get another server hosted, I used to use Xenon servers; which I was pretty happy with.
I was hoping you guys could suggest some other companies to check out, they must be hosted in North America, USD or CAD only.


Why not use Xenon again then?

Yeah. :slight_smile:

We recently lowered our prices and added integrated sv_downloadurl hosting. We also have a Clan Pay donation system now.

I’d also recommend Xenon. I have a 128 slot with them right now, and it’s a great server. Also, the sv_downloadurl is automatically setup, and prices have gone lower then ever before!

Yea, I noticed that too :slight_smile: I used to pay 25$… ishh a month, now the same thing is like sixteen or something. I was happy to see that, you guys have pretty much made up my mind. I am just strugglimg with WGA/WPA … suprised? im not.

Microsoft sucks…

Im on Had 10 users on, and less than 20 ping for everyone.

Is there still a coupon code from facepunch, I remember there was one a long time ago… does it still exist? :slight_smile: Ordering now.

There aren’t any active coupons right now; probably won’t be any coupons for a long time because of the new prices.

Alright, thanks anyway… I thought I’d ask just to see :stuck_out_tongue: