TOPKEK Cupcake model

Just a topkek model.
I don’t know how you need it in your map, but credit me if you use it.

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Also I need other topkeks pics for skins

top kek

Hey i know this!

When i was in turkey we bought these cupcakes and they taste not bad :slight_smile:

im stupid

ehh lmao

Perfect! Could you also make a taped bundle of them? A 6-pack of Topkek or a box of them would have been nice.

dubs checkem


i can go to market and get som source files for u guys

it would be fine[/T]

I made it have more polys, scanned a topkek package (I’m from the country where these belong to), and made it bumpmaps.


Wait, if topkek is actually a cupcake… Why aren’t they called cupkeks?