Torch is ridiculous

I came back to play after a month plus off. Love all the new items and equipment. The mining quarry and pump jack are pretty slick.

What did they do to the torch?

There is no way a free item that every new spawn gets should be able to 1) do so much damage in a melee fight or 2) do so much damage to wood structures. It is truly ridiculous. They were saying they nerfed the spear because so many people were having fights with it instead of the other weapons, but between the torch damage and the spear nerf, the torch is a better option. Plus now folks can farm torches from new spawns, or suicide themselves, and end up taking out your door, which you can’t even repair because of the damage delay to repair. Just got the door up, fired up a furnace to make some metal to upgrade the doors, and I was zerged by 3 nakeds carrying an inventory full of torches.

It didn’t help that I was stuck between a box and the wall, which prevents you from performing any quick bar action.

Please, nerf the torch. A fresh spawn item shouldn’t be so powerful.

Can still headshot people with the spear for a 1 hit kill or a hit in the head followed up by a throw for any geared up player that isn’t paying attention.

I agree that the torch is kinda powerful atm though.

To be fair, the torch durability is complete shit, so it’s still a pretty situational item. You’re still much better off using a better melee weapon as far as combat goes. I’m sure it’ll receive a nerf for wood houses though.

Make it do less instant damage but set things on fire. I wanna see beach lit up by all the running burning men.

Yup torch definitely needs to little to no melee damage. There is no point to use the spear or rock for melee when starting out.

Yes its a little bit cheating, it specially good against wooden doors :slight_smile: But, who don’t like naked people with turned on torches? My bolt action rifle likes them :smiley: