Torch SWEP

I have a completely pitch black map that can be somewhat disorientating at times, I need a torch to light my way.

Some pictures -

Prefered features:
Crowbar swing and hold animations
Left click - swing torch, ignites objects/npcs close infront of you

This is optional:
Right click - throw the torch foward, ignites anything it touches
Reload - Plants the torch in the ground

Try the flashlight with your crowbar out.

That points ahead of you for only you, for all other players it’s just up in the air

Silly idea, not how a torch works at all.

It would be nice with flicker :3:

I could do it but it wouldn’t really be worth it without a nice model with animations.

A stunstick looks enough like one to be a placeholder


The torch appears to becoming out from underneith me and poking at of my back(prolly not your fault). Does the light come from the torch, or can you fix it to a point above the player so the player doesn’t appear black?

I can’t remember, but I’m not going to work much on this for now, sorry.

Thats alright, for now, this will definetely work for my server. :slight_smile:

I’m looking at it now and I’ll see what I can do.


You’re okay with having a torch up your ass? :v:


I added a swinging animation to the viewmodel and am going to correct the world model’s position now.

I loled at the second pic

I grabbed the pics off google images, I could tell right away it was from some movie, lol

He means the one with the block of wood shoved in your asshole

i loled at the ass one and the one that looks like its from some 1990’s crap film XD

Hows it coming Quebec?

Oh it’s looking alright. Dealing with details like sounds before I make it throwable and plantable.

I really don’t like how the fire looks but there’s not much I can do about it. I’m no artist.

It’s awesome.