Torches - A defensive weapon

While running around at the beginning of the game, you are usually looking for food to live, but a lot of the time you run into wolves, zombies or bears.

So my idea is that the torch, when left clicked, can be waved in front of you, to scare of these hostile creatures, or just disorientate them.

This would allow new characters to survive slightly longer, and not easily die to hostile creatures.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can just outrun the hostile creatures.

Running away uses more food, and causes you to leave the area, wasting more food to either go back and try to find a boar, or the materials you wanted. Also you can use it to distract the wolf/bear/zombie while a friend kills them from behind

My first day, I tested the food usage while running. I didn’t see any difference.

I don’t see why you’re arguing against this, what’s wrong with my idea?

Well, my first post was just to give you an alternative to death.

My second post was my experience with running, which differed from yours.

It is a rather interesting idea. In reality, an animal is definitely going to be suppressed by a flame being waved at it, I like that idea, because it is unique and in no way game breaking (though perhaps it should give a small chance of the fire on it going out in the process, I feel, just for realism’s sake.)

Yes, or every swing uses like 10-25 of it’s energy left.

Yeah, that makes more sense, since the flare-up of swinging it means that it would be consuming more fuel. You just have to balance it out slightly so that it doesn’t become a guaranteed tool of keeping animals away forever. Also with its implementation, I feel animals should definitely get a speed buff to make it more viable than just running away.

It’s never made sense that you can outrun wolves and bears either XD

Yeah, that’s my point. I feel that the animals need a real buff, to be honest. Kevlar or not, if a bear takes a swipe at you, you are going down with broken bones, serious injury, or even death. No matter how experienced a player, the wildlife should be a definite threat. Something like this torch idea gives the torches more viability even late into the gameplay.

nice idea I like it

Don’t forget flares, you guys…

Could also be rather useful, but not as readily available to brand new players.

But they should have similar functionality. If torches have it then it makes sense for flares to have it too

I’m relatively positive any action beyond walking consumes more calories, including sprinting. The amount that ticks down changes.

Hatcheting stuff down really makes you notice since it takes so long.

But if you want to go for realism, you might want to be made aware of the fact that most bears will run away at the sight of a human being, not charge and bark outside your house for 5 hours while you build your wooden pillars. Same goes with the wolf.

Yes, gathering resources does consume more calories, as well as being cold. I could be wrong, but I didn’t experience any increase in caloric consumption while running.

Not 100% sure here, but when I was tryna figure it out the other night it appears that walking consumes like 2 food points per tick, and running consumes 2-3 food points per tick, my conclusion was that the difference was miniscule.

Definitely a yes from me, sounds like a nice realism addition to the game.