Torchwood: Doomsday Edition

This is something nobody has even attempted as far as I know. In this project, I will attempt to recreate the Torchwood institute from the Doctor Who Episodes Doomsday and the Army of Ghosts. So far I have the “Ghost Chamber” and some halls. Not very much, I know. Things to come though, will be the Hangar with all the equipment, The levers that activate the ghost shifts will eventually open the rift and trigger the song ‘Doomsday’ from the show, the Dalek Ball chamber, and the construction area/ conversion area. Here are some pictures of the current progress:

(Those are all of the gameplay, No halls, I forgot to)
The only reason this isn’t a release is because Hammer froze up on portalvis at 6… IDK why, but this is the first time compiling on my Windows 7 PC. Anyway, if you guys have any ideas or requests I’ll look into them and they may even get put into the map.
Update: Ghost Chamber needs details, any ideas would be great.

Dont post in-hammer shots.

Anyway, from what i can tell, ridiculously large amount of lights. Way too many.

Doctor who map?
You have my support.

That said… the torchwood institute in the epsides doesn’t have very much details that we actually get to see. This is gonna be a big project, are you sure you can do it?

A. Read the post. The map got stuck and its intentional. It’s supposed to be ridiculously bright, that’s why they wear sunglasses. If I see it as brighter than bright as fuck, I’ll reduce it.
B. Thanks and yeah, we need a good DW map for Gmod.

If you want it that bright, just increase the brightness values instead of just adding more. Glow sprites will help give an illusion of brightness too.

From what I see so far:

Bland, no detail, a billion lights prepare for bleeding eyes depending on the brightness of those lights metal truss texture with other side being hard wall again, how does that make sense. Bad texturing

All this is… is from the other way around, showing how bland the area really is, and how many over used light sources you have for no apparent reason. With what looks to be useless support beams on the side of the wall.

Yet another hallway with pretty much nothing inside of it other than a ton of more lights that again will make the eyes bleed most likely. With what looks like a few decals and few models at the end of the hallway…

If you know it isn’t really much progress to show, why show it, that is my personal belief. If you KNOW it isn’t much, why show it?

Also to make your own thread about it with your first amount of progress… Get comments on it from friends, or even the pimpage thread is a really good place to get criticism.

Now, I have never seen what you are trying to remake, but still, even if the place wasn’t detailed to how knows much, this is hammer/source it requires actual detailing to look decent from what you have… You have a floor a ceiling and 2 walls. That isn’t going to look pretty period…

Like first poster said to, hammer screen shots to a thread that you plan on doing something… All I can think of here is (can’t remember where i heard it) but I recall someone saying that only reason your posting it now is because you are looking for that “woah good job”, “woah hadn’t thought of that idea before!”. Which because you already got those good jobs and so on that you will just get tired of it quicker and drop it. Not saying thats what your doing… But from the looks of it it is a useless thread for a useless project.

Why not wait until you have ingame screenshots with actually decent looking things. For what you have posted, this could of easily have gone into the pimpage thread.

for once, I’m agreeing with you^

All those light entities are going to to is produce a lot of glare on the walls.

You should also look into custom models and textures if you really want to got through with this. Possibly not a good thing to make for a first map.

did you func_detail thoes poles?

if not; it explains why your VVIS froze.

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did you func_detail thoes poles?

if not; it explains why your VVIS froze.

First thoughts “Doomsday was never brigther, with all those light entities”.

Okay, A. It isn’t my first map. B. The reason I posted here was to get feedback. Hard to make something look nice without someone telling you what to fix. You guys also have to remember, I’m basing this off the few pictures I can find, any suggestions on what detail to put in would be nice.
Okay, new pictures up. I’ll try compiling now that those poles are func_details. Thanks for that tip

It would be a good idea to watch my lighting tutorial:

First, new pictures up… You added what… A few more models?

A. It isn’t my first map. : If it isn’t your first map you should know it isn’t good enough to be posted yet.

B. The reason I posted here was to get feedback. So post in the pimpage thread thats pretty much what it is for. Also here is one of my recent maps

Not trying to say that im an amazing mapper or anything but, This will be the first time that I have posted a picture of this map just to show you that there is so far you can go with your own ideas, only time this picture has been posted was in the Ivans Secrets thread by JLea. If a hallway with a few props is as far as you can go, work on it more.

Hard to make something look nice without someone telling you what to fix. : That is absolutly wrong, unbelievably wrong. The picture I posted above… wasn’t hard at all, just took my time and visualized it in my head, you can make beautiful maps with out anyone telling what to fix. Get something to actually comment like where it is HARD to find something wrong but could still be fixed. Right now your map is like a beginning map, you found a tutorial on how to spawn props how to make world geometry and your proud of your map because it looks okay in your eyes because your a new mapper, just let me say… Get higher expectations.

You guys also have to remember, I’m basing this off the few pictures I can find : So if there are few pictures you can find, it means that you can add stuff in the same atmosphere that looks like its supposed to be there and people will accept it because they know just as much about the place as you, so you have a very wide speculation of what you can add and take away.

My suggestions on what detail to put in… how about any detail at all… this map looks like it took an hour to make, I am honestly not trying to be mean at all but just try a little harder before posting a thread about something.

The map I posted has taken 2 full days to make, and that is me deleting whole buildings because they didn’t fit decently, changing lighting around, adding small details, making cliffs in areas, deleting them because I don’t feel that they are up to par with what I want the map to show in realism, and still I am not pleased with some of the buildings but some more slow detail will make it prettier to the eyes by learning how to make a place attractive to the eyes in source so the players mind takes it as a real environment and atmosphere.

Problem is, in a thread like that I can’t get full attention on mine. There would be too much going on to even work with mine. There is more being added, Trust me. I’m working on fixing it. It isn’t my first map, it’s not released, so I don’t get what you’re goin at.
At any rate, Phoenix, I thank you, Watched that tutorial and it gave me a few ideas. There’s also some details im going to add in the Ghost Chamber. The lighting in the Ghost Chamber is also being fixed. There are custom textures being added, aswell. The only texture that would make this more realistic to the show would be a Torchwood logo on the glass, BUT I don’t know how to make a texture myself.

So post there,and talk to your friends no steam. Why is your map more important than anyone elses?

If you don’t see what I am trying to say, I will tell you to take criticism more. I am telling you, your map sucks but politely and not so blunt, learn more mapping before posting a thread for a project that looks like complete crap hammer shots.

You say that this isn’t your first map, that doesn’t mean you know what your doing… That doesn’t mean your map will be good at all. I know its not released… It isn’t even in the compile stages, not one picture is of the map being compiled… In general the way you have presented your map is complete crap also.

You say that you are working off “the few pictures i can find”, why don’t you get the episodes, and screenshot what you want and then work off those. The map looks like it has been made from memory.

The walls in the main room need to be a flat white texture, almost like a plastic. You would do better using the light texture, as opposed to the individual light entities. Also, get rid of the light on the desk lamp, as it will look shit when you render it.

The silo models have better light models, including a much cleaner version of a fluorescent light. It may have some other useful models there, as they all look a lot better maintained than any of the rest of the hl2 props. All the textures need to be very clean, barring perhaps the warehouse, where its more of a steel furnishing, with boxes and crates of stuff. Consider making your own textures by pulling the raw images off gctextures, manipulating them in gimp and then exporting to the format with vtfedit. Tutorials for these can be found on the internet.

Alright, I have seen the Episodes. I can make more, but for now I have fixed and compiled.It looks Dirty in the Ghost Chamber, but other than that it’s okay. Judging by the posts you guys have given me, though, I doubt I’ll upload it. If you really want a look at it ingame I can post the upload link.

is “use the Torchwood spinoff show as a base” a good hint?


Heh I tried something like this once ( It looks alright but you should definitely change the textures, doesn’t really seem fitting yet.

Can’t I’m remaking Torchwood One in London, Torchwood 3 was run by Captain Jack in Cardiff.
Thanks Icemaz, Yours looks pretty good. I definately will hunt down more textures, but for now I just need to keep soldiering on with these.