Tori Ragdoll from Toribash

Do you really think these guys can do it in 2 seconds?

Everyone hates you already, its best you get the hell off facepunch before the Admins do it for you.

Dude you really depend on people who have trolled you. I sent you two messages trolling you but you still trust me? I really think that you should look at what other people released to see if they are any good. Hell for how rude you are expecting us to automatically make these models for you is really kinda why we pick on you. Especially when you told Rusty to make the L4D2 clown model. Not even in a nice way.

What his response will be:

"ok sry ut can u port jimmy hopkins and cj from gta 5 and the selent hil manekin?


tori to plz"