Toribash Models

The game Toribash is a turn based ragdoll fighting game. the players body is like so:

now Im requesting this because it looks like a fairly easy model to create, and would be easy to rig up to the HL2 skeleton. I would really like these to be made for Player models and just ragdolls. I can do the skinning and such, but I just need someone to make three of the same models. one for tori, one for uke, and just a blank one that the player can edit the .vtf for.

I hope that someone would take some time to make this, so if you do, thanks,

sorry for double post, but look!

I found a blender rig of the player!

Now I just need someone to rig it to the HL2 skeleton with all the lua files and such (for player model) and I can skin them!

Thatd be so cool, I love toribash

Toribash rules

Well that blender rig you posted is parked by godaddy. and i dont use blender XD i have started work in 3ds Max 2010.

Man it would be cool to get a toribash model.