Toribash tori Model

can someone port tori as a ragdoll from toribash into gmod? please

Tori’s aren’t one model, they’re various limbs pieced together.

Good point, although that shouldn’t make it impossible to create a Tori ragdoll. Plus, since Tori can be dismembered, you could include his individual pieces as props, and if you want him flying apart in a video you could just deflate the parts that get broken off, then spawn the separate pieces. Or heck, just put the pieces together and knock them apart with Advanced Sleep’n’Wake!

well the thing i need is a toribash ragdoll that does break apart and you can pose him and make him have the valve skeleton

sorry i mean i need a toribash ragdoll that doesnt break

I’ve seen a tori model for blender a year or two ago. You’re probably gonna need to search the forums then do it yourself.

Cool, let me get it done, along with the silent hill nurse and clown.

thanks YourFriendJoe thanks i really need that toribash model

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For Gmod

what YourFriendJoe you wont do the clown fine just do the toribash tori ragdoll and Upload it to cause thats the place where i always Check

I’ll do it if you promise me one thing:

Never, EVER request another thing on this website again.

ok ill stop making stupid threads like clowns or nurses but what if some model from a game pops up in my head instead of the clown or somethig can request other models that dont wast time to make?

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one question how long will the tori ragdoll take to make?

Your primary issue is you’re coming across as having the misconception that Facepunch consists of a team of modders eager to port everything at your request. You’ve got to sell your idea if you want it to happen. Providing reference pictures, arguments as to how the model can be useful, et cetera can be what it takes to make your case with someone else on this forum. You’re dealing with gamers (somewhat) like yourself on an internet forum, not employees in a fast food restaurant.

Essentially, your thread should be something engaging and somewhat interesting, and not just sentence asking that the model be ported. I’d really recommend you look into the basics of these things, because the #1 way I’ve found of getting an idea completed through online corroboration is being able to contribute something to the project. It’s ok to be the ‘ideas guy’, but it helps if you have something other than ideas to contribute, such as an already ripped version (if you can locate it online) for the person to work with or anything for them to start with.

ok can you please make the tori ragdoll

yeah maybe yesterday

arent you doing the Tori ragdoll?

He isn’t, and to my understanding, nobody is.

You really need to rethink how you are approaching this.

please i need someone to do the ToriBash Ragdoll

What do you want the model for?

i need it formy movie im making can you please upload it to


As soon as I stop being retarded and figure out how to save primitives into an .smd without them converting into bones, I’ll rig it and shit.


Right, now it’s Tori. Woo?