tortise error in windows 7 64bit

hey a few days ago everything worked but since reformatting my windows and reinstalling garys mod and other things i now get an error installing tortise svn :frowning: here is the error in a pic also i downloaded the 64bit version and have tried the 32 bit version both are the same

Try redownloading the installer. It might just be corrupt, one byte wrong and the whole thing can mess up

ive downloaded it about 7 times it just doeset want to seem to work it is very strange i evan checked tortise bugs and FAQs

Thats odd, malware anyone or just pc being stupid?


Try restarting your PC a few times. helps alot

i have tied restarting my computer and internet connection i still get the error also i only reformatted my system yesterday i don’t understand whats wrong :S canny weried