Tortoise messed up? Possible proxy issue

I CAN download average things like the spacebuild packs, but anything the needs a password, wont work, When am I supposed to be prompted, dont send me a link to that svn tutorial I’ve seen it, I cant get wiremod or phx 3 to work, why do they need to use a passwd anyway?

No u. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why they have passwords. Ask them.
Most of them use the same password, though. “anon” or “anonsvn”.

You have trouble with Wiremod and PHX eh? In the tutorial at step 13 there is a link you can follow that explains how to install Wiremod and Stargate correctly. As for PHX3, just do as the tutorial says (In the video I even used PHX as an example).
At the bottom of the tutorial I’ve put my Steam username. If you can’t get it to work by following the tutorial, as a last resort you can add me.

step 12 is where I get messed up, where does 12b come in? I’m not getting prompted