TortoiseSVN Broken

When I joined a server that had wiremod, a menu popped up telling me to remember to update my Wiremod SVN. I closed gmod out and right clicked the wiremod addon. But when the right click menu came up, the TortoiseSVN buttons weren’t there. It just looked like this:

Can you please help me?

Check if there is an update for TortoiseSVN, or try restarting your computer or reinstalling TortoiseSVN.

Did exactly all of that. Nothing worked…

No need for SVN clients with this handy little guy. Personally I find SVN clients quite annoying to work with.

Why would anyone want that?
That’s a very faulty program.
It could put a Wiremod folder inside a gamemode folder.

It’s never done that for me. It asks the user to enter their addons folder and checks things out into that, so the only way it’d put 'em in the gamemode folder is if the user tells it to.

Can somebody just help me?

Use the program I linked and you won’t have to worry about TortoiseSVN acting stupid.

Okay. I just hope it works and isn’t a damn scam ._.

One problem with it: it doesn’t ADD SVN FOLDERS. I need to add folders, but I can’t. Please, help me…