Friendly Creative PvP server Super Active Admins

Welcome boys & girls to the Tortuga Rust server thread.

We are a Dutch gaming community who love online gaming.
We just started a new and fresh Rust server for you to enjoy at: net connect:

We at Tortuga love Rust and our admins got alot of hours into the game.
We run a friendly creative server with pvp ofcorse.

Airdrops are momentarlily at 10 players but we will turn that up if the population grows.

Mod’s installed:

  • Extra Resources
  • Doorshare
  • Deathhandler
  • Server Broadcasts
  • Anti rock
  • Auto compass
  • Decay control (4 day’s)
  • Dura at 0.01
  • Stats
  • Voter (5 granolabars, 5 large medkits and 10 leather)
  • Anti speedhack auto bann

We have 4 super active admins, one of them is always there for you.
We all have great experince in rust and admining servers.
(Some Dutch people may know us from the former legendarie Rust server “Rustiek”)
We are an adult group of players who care about you having a fun time.

We also have an own TS server wich can be found at: Password: tortuga

Note that all VAC banned people will be banned, with VAC bans younger then a year.

So please come joins us in the world of Rust!

Just wiped! 29.08.2014, come join in the fun!