Torture Chamber: Interactive Comic

Well, Interactive Comic. I always wanted to do one of these, and I just made a map and I want to get some attention so the map doesn’t die on it’s arse… So yeah. Enjoy! Please criticize or say what’s good. If it is really bad, I am very sorry.

wake up…

You are in a small room. The other end of the room is dark, and you cannot see much there except a shadowy figure. You cannot feel one of your eyes.

What do you do?

Find your eye!
and after eat some cookies!

What’s this about an eye? Your eye is fine! Perfectly fine, I must say. Lovely one too. It was always your favourite, always there for…

Oh god no.

Cookies won’t give you your eye back.

Clean the blood from your eye so we can see the empty hole.

Kill your self…is The Better Way

Douse yourself in gasoline from the cans behind you then hit the empty can against the wall until it makes a spark.

Throw the full can of gasoline at the wall and run into it a couple of times.

Your depth perception level dropped to 0, adapt to it and move on.

Find makeshift eyepatch.

Finger your eye-hole, searching for keys or rambunctious comic relief.