Torture Chamber

Please, this is my Second Pose/Scene ever, so tell me what i can improve on, what i can add, and also, which do you think is better?


You cant see it, but there is a sword in the assassins chest.

Needs more lighting, better graphics, more stuff in the scene, good angle and to be visually more explaining.

:q: Combine Assassin

The dim lighting contributes to the torture scene, but a bit brighter would be nice. More people and bodies would make it better, I suppose.

Hmm, cool, ok. Thanks.

Lighting has to be informative.


That map uses default cubemaps that look like shit.

Its the basement of a building on this map:

Its the only dark map i have w/o npc’s

They both suck.

I know torture rooms are suposed to be dark, but come on!

Okay. Everything is generally bad.

But, not to fray! I am here to help!

Some obvious problems:

  1. There is barely any blood on the floor, not that I can see that is, but there is blood spammed all over the wall.

  2. The fence looks REALLY out of whack for a torture chamber.

  3. All the props are just… "Why am I looking at this?"

So, try some new props, get posing a bit better, and… wait, there aren’t any ropes on the Combine Assassin? So she’s just floating there?

Overall, you need practice. But that comes naturally as you do more, and I’m sure you will have one you are really proud of someday.:jihad::jihad:

If you need to tell us that, then it’s a good sign that you have some work to do. :stuck_out_tongue: