Tortured hunter

Posted for torture challenge ^_^’

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It’s not bad. Try to make speechbubbles for text though.

Lol bill’s perfectly done.

is there a rule in those contests “No epic stuff” ?
Because almost everything in those contest sucks.

On topic: You need to work more on your posing, try pic better angles and better ideas.

Should’ve done it on Ragdoll torture.

what are they doing, they could get hurt

Thanks ^_^’

Why does louis had ropes on the end of his hands? And why bill has a rope coming out of his ass?

It’s not a rope it’s a awp attatched on his back

It’s for tortue the hunter, he draw the rope for pain his legs (sorry but my translator has difficulty to traduct my words and i’m forced to modify my text :/)

This competition was made for that Fear57 guy!


Ahha it’s some guy who always does poses of guys getting murdered in horrible ways.

Fear57 or this guy, shit pose either way

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lol this is pretty funny but i expected a hunter tied to a chair and louis punching him and stuff and saying wheres my pills and etc. and in the background you see bill hiding it :smiley:



Where the Hell do you find these threads?

In the dark corners of Facepunch.

why the hell did you bump!?

Less than half of those pictures had anything to do with torture.

“Where is my pills”?